The managing, visualization and analysis tools of large amount of data available today, allows us (in the same way that the advances in projection methods meant to geographical maps) generate relational cartography able to bring some clarity to a practical problem of orienting ourselves on context. This dynamic Cartography project is a visual exploration of the Dubai Art World, distilling more than 2,600 nodes and 4,200 relationships, spanning from Galleries, Exhibitions, Fairs, Artists, Curators, Patrons and any kind of visual art event produced in U.A.E. since 2005.
Project presented during Global Art Forum_6, 'The Medium of Media', Art Dubai 2012. Thanks to Shumon Basar, Hala Ali and Antonia Carver.

To consider compiling an encyclopedia (of any kind) in post-Wikipedia times is an exercise in emotional withdrawal. From a position of bewilderment and confusion we choose to act by producing and employing another tool from the land of the naive and outdated, represented by encyclopedic work, devoid of all logic and meaning considering current cultural conditions and speed. What the first edition Dubai graphic and visual encyclopedia presents is a reality that acts as a counterpoint to all the excess of attempts to decipher and understand Dubai. Attempts that are mostly unable to uncover items that shed light on the question ‘What’s it all about’?


Dubai graphic Encyclopedia